Who’s that gal?

A Wee Bio

Hullo & welcome!

I’m Mairi: a peelly wally Weegie, postdoc Public Health researcher, and soon to be Mama.



I’ve been writing The Weegie Kitchen since 2012, which started life as a means of escaping academic life by writing about food and showcasing my greed. Back then I was 5 months into studying for an MSc Health Psychology and as much as I loved it, I craved a more creative outlet for writing. Since then, and particularly during my PhD years, blogging has been essential to maintaining my sanity.

What I write about is the kind of cooking I do every day and is the kind of food I want to eat. I like to think of it as unfussy, unpretentious, but food which I get pleasure from: whether its a piece and crisps, or a 28 day aged Aberdeen Angus steak. I’m inspired by Scottish culture and how our national identity is shaped, in part, by what we eat. We Scots aren’t fussy with our food, we’ll embrace the deep dried Mars Bar but we won’t shy away from Loch Fyne oysters either.

Now with a new house and baby on the way, and on account of bad extreme morning sickness where I had to cease all food blogging activities (I mean how do you write about food when your diet consists solely of toast and San Pellegrino?), I’ve since expanded this blog to incorporate Life, and Home & Garden posts.

Cake from: Once Upon A Cake. http://www.onceuponacake.info/

Food Info About Me:

Age: Old enough to have been one of those kids who lusted over Soda Streams, but sadly was never allowed one.

Location: After a 13 year stint in Glasgow followed by precisely 364 days in Edinburgh, I’m now settled in Falkirk. But I’m a Weegie at heart.

Earliest Food Memory: My 3rd birthday cake. It was a massive sponge cake with soft icing, strawberries, and sprinkles around the sides.

Inspired by: (My) Granny MacDonald. I’ve always loved her cooking and an 8 hour trip to the Isle of Barra for her mashed totties and roast lamb is worth every minute. Most of my early memories of food are the meals my Gran made.

My Last Meal: Cheesy mashed potato made with double cream and hunners of sea salt. I will eat with a spoon, out of a bowl, in front of the telly.

1 True Talent in Life: My roast potatoes. I credit years of studying Nigella Lawson to master these bad boys.

Kitchen stuff I’d save in a fire: A 1940s pink tea set I picked up in the Glasgow Barras Market for £30.

Worst Kitchen Habit: Eating raw pastry. I’ve done it since I was a kid and I still do it when I think no one is looking.

Tea in pretty china tea-cups, a must have!
Items I would save in a fire


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