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  • Bloody Mary

    I’ve arrived late to the Bloody Mary game. Which is strange considering my love of alcohol and my ability to handle a LOT of alcohol during my teens and twenties was very strong. I mean, this is a cocktail you can have without judgement at breakfast for crying out loud. All those breakfasts wasted on coffee and […]

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  • Top Weegie Foodie Dates

    February might be the official month of love but Spring is the unofficial season of love.  In Summer it gets too hot for all that business and all you really want is an ice lolly and a pair of flattering cut-off denim shorts. Whereas Autumn is all about eating apple crumble & custard to be bothered […]

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  • Pimms Iced Tea

    Lets slow things down a bit. It’s summer after all and really, who can be bothered with cooking? In those heady summery nights when I’m wearing linen trousers, watering my mini garden and bopping along to Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine’ I struggle to find the motivation to cook. Heck I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to […]