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  • Blogger Bake Off

    Our wee Weeg (aka: Glasgow) has its very own hot & happening Blogger scene and the best bit is, it’s friendly and inviting. The Mean Girls style cliques don’t exist in this neck of the woods. We’re a friendly and full of banter bunch of babes who happen to blog. So when the opportunity came-a-knocking […]

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  • A Weegie in Northern Ireland

    I’m lucky enough to have 2 Irish pals in my life. Lets call them Irish Pal #1 and Irish Pal #2. Now I don’t like to resort to stereotypes when describing them but they do fit them so well. For example, they support and fully advocate a diet of spuds, they have accents which grow stronger […]

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  • A Stateside Pavlova

    When it comes to spring and summer puddings there are very few which have such great impact, with such little input, as the Pavlova. It’s crisp exterior and chewy marshmallow inside topped with whipped cream and tart fruit is a killer combo but is still light enough to serve after a heavy meal. To me […]