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  • Top Weegie Foodie Dates

    February might be the official month of love but Spring is the unofficial season of love.  In Summer it gets too hot for all that business and all you really want is an ice lolly and a pair of flattering cut-off denim shorts. Whereas Autumn is all about eating apple crumble & custard to be bothered […]

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  • Salmon Ramen

    On a day to day basis (in my academic life) I think about, write about and research a dental health intervention which is aimed at improving children’s oral health (that’s the short story, check out my LinkedIn profile here if you want more info). However, in my blogging life, I write about food, eating and […]

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  • Mussels + Focaccia

    Summer dinner parties can be a tough one to pull off. In these balmy summer evenings I would much rather tend to a bottle of chilled Pinot when entertaining friends rather than slave over a hot stove. As Sandy & Danny sang, these summer days are drifting away and when it comes to dinner parties, […]