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  • A Weegie in Budapest

    Tuesday 27th September 2016 will forever be a pivotal day for me. This was the date where after 4 years I submitted my PhD thesis; and where after NINE back to back years of University life, I finally left my student years behind me. It was a momentous occasion and one which required a suitably epic […]

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  • A Weegie in Northern Ireland

    I’m lucky enough to have 2 Irish pals in my life. Lets call them Irish Pal #1 and Irish Pal #2. Now I don’t like to resort to stereotypes when describing them but they do fit them so well. For example, they support and fully advocate a diet of spuds, they have accents which grow stronger […]

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  • Holiday Pappa El Pomodoro

    For the second of my Venetian recreations I turn to tomato soup.I admit, its not traditionally Venetian (Tuscan I believe) but at my birthday dinner at Bistrot de Venise I ate a chilled tomato soup served with melon & basil and haven’t stopped raving about it since then. Chilled soup is wonderful for a hot sunny day however it really does benefit […]