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  • Strawberry & vanilla pavlova

    Its heeeeeerrrree! For at least two (three at a push) weeks, Summer has arrived. Summer is a fleeting season in Scotland, you gotta enjoy it as and when it arrives. Even the seasonal produce (asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries) is blink and you miss it. So if that means BBQ’ing at 3pm on a Tuesday in the middle of […]

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  • The Lobster Shack

    Andy Murray is pelting a tennis ball in his whites and I have a hankering for Pimms, this surely means its SUMMER! I swear I feel like Buddy the Elf when he discovers “Santa” is coming to Gimbels. So what better way to celebrate the start of the British Scottish summer (we both know these are […]

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  • Pimms Iced Tea

    Lets slow things down a bit. It’s summer after all and really, who can be bothered with cooking? In those heady summery nights when I’m wearing linen trousers, watering my mini garden and bopping along to Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine’ I struggle to find the motivation to cook. Heck I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to […]

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  • Homemade Pizza

    Last week in my What’s Hot & What’s Not post I waxed lyrical about the perceived hassle a home-made pizza brings to your life. I was wrong. So wrong in fact I tried it again at the weekend with relative ease. However if you want to remove the hassle from cooking you also have to relinquish […]

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  • Courgette Lime Cake

    I am an out and proud cookbook collector and I suspect most people who enjoy baking, cooking or write their own blog are as well. However I not only collect cookbooks, I read them like I would a regular book. In fact, there are certain cookbooks I actually prefer to read rather than cook from. […]

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  • Food Highlights of 2016

    2016 eh? What a flipping disaster that turned out to be. So now that we’re all safely on the other side, I’m turning my blogger eye to my culinary highlights of 2016: those brief moments amidst the chaos of which I do recall with some pleasure. January January 2016 was the month I came to know and […]