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  • Thaikhun: Review

    Image: Thaikhun Silverburn Facebook

    Thaikhun, the sister company to Chaophraya, has not long opened its doors in Glasgow’s Silverburn Shopping Centre. In stark contrast to the chic Chaophraya, of which I’m a big fan, Thaikun offers a more laid-back dining experience but with an equally authentic menu. A great deal of effort has gone into making Thaikhun reminiscent of a […]

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  • Transeurope Cafe: Review

    Image: STV

    Let’s talk about brunch. Relatively speaking, it’s a new phenomenon to have hit our shores. I certainly didn’t grow up in a time where brunch was an option, yes as a child there were times when I indulged in a bowl of Frosties at 11am, but we never called it a meal. Fast forward decade […]

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  • Top Movie Kitchens


    We’ve all got our dream kitchens. Thanks to Pinterest and some very aspirational Instagram accounts, dream kitchens are just that lil bit more prominent in our lives. But long before Pinterest and the much loved hashtag, there was cinema and with cinema came a plethora of inspired #KitchenGoals. Here’s my top movie kitchens. Gosford Park’s vast […]

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  • Strawberry & vanilla pavlova

    Poster without banner

    Its heeeeeerrrree! For at least two (three at a push) weeks, Summer has arrived. Summer is a fleeting season in Scotland, you gotta enjoy it as and when it arrives. Even the seasonal produce (asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries) is blink and you miss it. So if that means BBQ’ing at 3pm on a Tuesday in the middle of […]

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  • Carnivore Club Meat Box


    There are moments in life where karma visits and drops a load of “ya dancer” in your lap. This moment was when I was sent a box of meat from the aptly named Carnivore Club. If you’re just tuning in, you should know straight up, I’m an out and proud carnivore. #MyFavouriteFoodIsMeat. It might have something to […]

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  • Weegie Kitchen Tour

    Kitchen Tour Poster

    If you keep up with my antics on Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably surmised I’ve moved. Over a year ago in fact. My Weegie Kitchen is no longer the open-plan space with bags of storage and an island unit ideal for parties. It’s the complete opposite. But its all good in the hood because this time around […]