The Beginners Guide to Hogmanay

Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve if you’re south of the border, is a BIG deal for us Scots. Some even proclaim it’s a bigger deal than Christmas (it’s something to do with the reformation and Christmas being a bit too, ya know, Catholic). Whether you agree or not, we Scots get an extra bank holiday […]

50 ways to save the planet

We’re finally in an age where caring for our environment is normal, perhaps even expected of us, and its amazing how far we’ve come in just a couple years. But it’s hard, and it’s overwhelming to think of how we can change our lifestyle to such a degree where it will make a difference, and […]

Flying with a toddler

Ok. Now that I’m on the other side of it, I can say with the utmost certainty that flying with a toddler is like childbirth. You can plan all you want and most likely it will go the opposite way you hoped for. But the upside is you will forget the pain and want to […]

How to Survive Breastfeeding

For all those claims of how ‘natural’ it is, breastfeeding is HARD. My first child was born in early February and despite the fact I never really planned to breastfeed (read more about that here) I’ve been doing so exclusively for 12 weeks now. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way. Be Prepared Before baby […]

Our Breastfeeding Journey

I am exclusively breastfeeding my son however I’m gonna kick off this 2-parter by not endorsing the whole Breast is Best mantra because I think this suggests that woman who cannot or do not breastfeed are not giving their child the best. Which simply isn’t true. Yes, compared to formula milk, the composition of breast […]

Joy and Joe Bamboo Baby Wrap

Pre-pregnancy I’d never heard of a baby wrap let alone know that there was a whole industry dedicated to them. And although they cropped up on my radar during pregnancy I still didn’t give them much thought. In all honesty, I thought they were a bit of a gimmick. Fast forward to life with a […]

My Conflict with the Scottish Baby Box

This is a post which has been sitting in draft format for over 10 weeks now.  I’ve found it to be incredibly difficult to write and ultimately let it go live namely because I’m concerned of how I might come across and the potential backlash I might receive. However, as I’ve learned from (and been […]

2017 Highlights

2017 turned out to be a year I am on the one hand immensely proud of, and on the other hand very happy to be finishing. Nothing terrible happened, on the contrary, its was an amazing year but it was a tough one. So rather than focus solely on the culinary highlights like I did […]