Home Tour: Kitchen

The last time I posted a kitchen tour it was of my wee Glasgow flat (click here ). Back then I had recently moved and thus dramatically downsized my kitchen, but I didn’t care. I had placed 1 converse-clad foot firmly on the property ladder (solo and while studying for a PhD I might add) […]

Top Movie Kitchens

We’ve all got our dream kitchens. Thanks to Pinterest and some very aspirational Instagram accounts, dream kitchens are just that lil bit more prominent in our lives. But long before Pinterest and the much loved hashtag, there was cinema and with cinema came a plethora of inspired #KitchenGoals. Here’s my top movie kitchens. Gosford Park’s vast […]

Weegie Kitchen Tour

If you keep up with my antics on Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably surmised I’ve moved. Over a year ago in fact. My Weegie Kitchen is no longer the open-plan space with bags of storage and an island unit ideal for parties. It’s the complete opposite. But its all good in the hood because this time around […]

How to make a pallet coffee table

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years (or you don’t have a Pinterest account) you’ll know when it comes to up-cycling, pallets are the numero uno material to work with. From beds to deck chairs, porch swings and vertical herb planters, there’s nothing we can’t do with a pallet. Why the […]

10 items for a grown up kitchen

Now that I have my new digs (stay tuned for the official Weegie kitchen tour) I’ve been reminiscing about the flats I’ve lived in over the years. We’re talking 12 years of Weegie living from my late teens to early thirties. This includes a 2 bed squalor flat where I lived with 3 girls & we had a […]