Mussels + Focaccia

Summer dinner parties can be a tough one to pull off. In these balmy summer evenings I would much rather tend to a bottle of chilled Pinot when entertaining friends rather than slave over a hot stove. As Sandy & Danny sang, these summer days are drifting away and when it comes to dinner parties, I want something that is easy and cooks fast but doesn’t necessarily skimp on the elegance.  So with that in mind I turn to mussels.

Mussels are the epitome of fast food. What else can you prepare, cook and serve in under 20 minutes that still gives the wow factor? This then gives you plenty of time to tend to that bottle of Pinot and mingle with your guests while pulling off what looks like a fancy meal. I typically serve mussels with focaccia bread to mop up all the lovely seafood juices with & focaccia is one of the easiest breads to make, even if you are a novice to bread making.

Focaccia Bread drenched in oil & sea salt, ready for baking
Focaccia Bread drenched in oil & sea salt, ready for baking

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