The Border Biscuits Big Baking Bonanza #BBBBB

Over the summer Border Biscuits (aye them that does THE BEST biscuits) and Asda launched the Big Baking Bonanza to search for the best British biscuit recipe. Essentially, novice and amateur bakers up and down the country were invited to submit their best recipe in the hopes of winning £2000, a place on a baking course and their product launched by Border Biscuits and sold in Asda.

When the recipes came pouring in, Border Biscuits turned to us trusty greedy bloggers to help narrow down the entries. It’s a tough job but one which we’re awfully good at. Bloggers were given between 3-5 recipes to bake, taste and give our verdict on, and Asda vouchers to cover the cost of the ingredients.

A feast of biscuits for my office comrades.
A feast of biscuits for my office comrades.

6 biscuits made the finals (including a recipe I taste-tested!) and are currently being judged by:

  • Dean Edwards (Masterchef finalist & Chef on ITV’s Lorraine)
  • John Cunningham (Asda Regional Buying Manager)
  • The Border Biscuits team

Now that I’ve done my tough job, baked, sampled & photographed the entries it’s only fair that I share with you the delectable Border worthy recipes. I’ll share each of the 3 recipes, in 3 separate posts, before the winner is announced at the end of the month. These include:

  • Stem Ginger & Chocolate Chip Oaties
  • Fig & Coconut Shortbread
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate biscuits with a hint of Lime 

You can find all of the recipes entered into the competition here.