31 Birthday Food Facts

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 31 and loving it *snaps fingers*. So in lieu of a real blog post today, and because I still have a lot of champagne drinking and present opening to get on with, here’s 31 foodie facts about me.

  1. When I was a wee Weegie, when cooking with pastry, I surreptitiously ate it raw when I thought no one (namely my mother) was looking. I still do this
  2. I love bitter flavours, especially dark green vegetables (sprouts – droooool), but I loathe sour flavours
  3. I don’t eat hard shelled sweets: M&Ms, Minstrels, Smarties etc
  4. I’ve never tried a kiwi, a peach or a pear
  5. My favourite kitchen tool is a cheap version of the Microplane grater bought from IKEA for a couple £s. I use it to mince ginger & garlic into a pulp and I find it produces better results than a garlic crusher
  6. When I’m starving I make a sandwich with brown bread, salted butter, mayonnaise, sliced turkey and salt n vinegar crisps. It’s proper lush
  7. I drink my tea black
  8. Which is Earl Grey or Jasmine Green Tea
  9. but I drink my coffee with a splash of milk & 1 brown sugar
  10. I’ll often just eat Haagen Daaz for dinner: Pralines and Cream preferably but Strawberry Cheesecake is a good alternative
  11. I love my Gran’s mashed potatoes & stew. An 8 hour trip to visit her on Barra is well worth it for this
  12. I’ve never eaten a Snickers
  13. I have no food allergies but I’d rather not eat prawns or squid thanks.
  14. Everything tastes better with salted butter
  15. I hate baked beans, peas and sweetcorn
  16. I will eat green beans, chickpeas and corn on the cob though
  17. I didn’t try Bacon until I was around 10
  18. My earliest food memory is my 3rd birthday cake
  19. Weekday Breakfast: 2 slices of brown toast with salted butter & bitter marmalade
  20. Weekend Breakfast: Eggs Royale and a pot of Earl Grey from Transeurope Cafe in Glasgow
  21. A weekly Extra Hot Venti Vanilla Skinny Latte with an extra shot of espresso is my treat
  22. I would happily live on mashed potato (with salted butter) for life
  23. My current food obsession is Mac & Cheese
  24. I love the smell of garlic & onion frying in butter
  25. For dinner tonight i’m having….Poachers Pie from The Wee Pie Company with mash & broccoli
  26. I hate any food with gelatine. Gummy sweets, pannacotta, jelly. I will however, indulge in vodka jellies (means to an end and all that)
  27. I love making roast chicken and I secretly eat all the skin when carving it
  28. My ideal Christmas dinner would be: Ham, Chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing, chipolatas, gravy, broccoli and sprouts. Served with lots of Prosecco. Followed by Christmas Pudding with double cream and a cheeseboard and a good red wine with notes of red cherries and blackberries. Then maybe a cuppa tea while I watch Downton Abbey. Then I’ll go back for nibbly stuff and leftovers
  29. I own 43 cookbooks and the shelf is literally sagging under the weight of them. I really must reinforce that shelf
  30. I adore Clarence Court eggs and I will go from shop to shop until I find them
  31. The best meal I’ve ever eaten was Gnocchetti (baby gnocchi) in a double cream, parmesan and garlic sauce in small family run restaurant in Venice 2 years ago
and I don't look a day under 25 *grin*
and I don’t look a day under 25 *grin*