First Trimester Food Aversions

I started writing this when I was 8 weeks pregnant and where I was convinced that if I socialised with anyone out with our immediate family I’d give the game away that I was preggers. It’s not that we had any reason to hide the pregnancy per say, we just wanted to enjoy it ourselves for […]

Food Highlights of 2016

2016 eh? What a flipping disaster that turned out to be. So now that we’re all safely on the other side, I’m turning my blogger eye to my culinary highlights of 2016: those brief moments amidst the chaos of which I do recall with some pleasure. January January 2016 was the month I came to know and […]

A Weegie in Budapest

Tuesday 27th September 2016 will forever be a pivotal day for me. This was the date where after 4 years I submitted my PhD thesis; and where after NINE back to back years of University life, I finally left my student years behind me. It was a momentous occasion and one which required a suitably epic […]

31 Birthday Food Facts

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 31 and loving it *snaps fingers*. So in lieu of a real blog post today, and because I still have a lot of champagne drinking and present opening to get on with, here’s 31 foodie facts about me. When I was a wee Weegie, when cooking with pastry, I surreptitiously ate […]

Top Weegie Foodie Dates

February might be the official month of love but Spring is the unofficial season of love.  In Summer it gets too hot for all that business and all you really want is an ice lolly and a pair of flattering cut-off denim shorts. Whereas Autumn is all about eating apple crumble & custard to be bothered […]

Weegies Back!

Blogger breaks, they’re a tough nut to crack. On the one hand we know that if we dare stop blogging regularly we lose that routine we’ve so carefully refined over the years. Not to mention there is the dreaded risk of losing your dear followers. On the other hand, blogger breaks are critical to the success […]

A Weegie in the East Neuk of Fife.

Let’s talk Stay-cations. As we all know the student life can be a skint one. This means we have to be a little more creative and thrifty with our extra-curricular activities and holidays are no exception. With 1 year left on my PhD, my holidays have had a make-do-and-mend theme to them. This is fine because if you […]

A Weegie in Northern Ireland

I’m lucky enough to have 2 Irish pals in my life. Lets call them Irish Pal #1 and Irish Pal #2. Now I don’t like to resort to stereotypes when describing them but they do fit them so well. For example, they support and fully advocate a diet of spuds, they have accents which grow stronger […]