10 toddler meals

Feeding a toddler is tough work at any point in the day but I find teatime during the week the toughest. James is tired from nursery, I’m knackered from being at work all day and my commute home, and we’ve got a small window for quality time with one another before bedtime. So spending a […]

Homemade Soup

Everyone I know, well the Scottish folks at least, have grown up with some version of this soup. To the untrained eye it is just a Ham and Lentil soup however to us Scots its referred to simply as ‘’. I have never been to a Scottish persons house or a Scottish cafe or restaurant, been […]

Fish Fingers Tea Time Special

As an 80s child there are food quintessential to my childhood regardless of how good it tastes. Findus Crispy Pancakes, McCain Micro Chips and tinned Campbells Meatballs (in onion gravy of course) is what I was raised on. Interspersed by the frequent appearance of Mince & Totties and Lentil Soup. After all it was the 80s. Convenience food […]